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Tessa - Premium Cork Yoga Mat for Men and Women (6mm)

Tessa - Premium Cork Yoga Mat for Men and Women (6mm)

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Firm Grip in Any Situation: Strong grip is guaranteed by our cork mat, making it perfect for even the most demanding workouts. Whether you're inside or outside EVA rubber offers a sturdy base.

Cosy Meets Accuracy: Discover a mat that provides support and cushioning. It is made for all levels of yogis, and offers the precise balance needed for a comfortable practice.

Purity in Every Practice : The cork material naturally repells bacteria, giving you a clean mat every time you practice. You can focus on your yoga, knowing your mat remains as pure as your intentions.

Crafted with Care and Connection : Made with ethically-sourced cork and rubber, this mat is as much about sustainability as it is about your yoga journey.

Care and Cleaning:

1) To clean, wipe a soft towel dampened with soapy water.

2) Lay flat under the sun until the mat is completely dry.

3) Always roll the mat with the top layer facing out and roll the mat loosely, careful not to fold or crease.

4) Weekly cleaning is recommended, more frequently with heated classes.

5) Not machine washable.

Dimensions - 6 ft x 2 ft x 6mm / Weight - 3.25 lb

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